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Do you think you've tried it all before and gotten nowhere? Do you want to work hard and get the results you've previously been looking for?


For 10 years I've had a huge involvement in the health & fitness industry, as a professional athlete and as Personal Trainer. I have worked with all ages and all body types ensuring they achieved the results they wanted, helping them change their lives.


As a Physique competitor I regularly prep for competitions which requires reaching sub 10% body fat. As you can imagine this involves a heavy understanding of all nutrients that enter the body. This requires strict food analysis, all of which I can do with you. I have previously raced as part of Team GB as an International Triathalete, competing in two World Championships, training twice daily six days a week.  My commitment, self-discipline and motivation will be evident in our 1-2-1 sessions providing you with the ultimate Personal Service.


Whether your goal is to compete in a competition, lose weight or to regain health and wellbeing I promise you I will apply all of my knowledge to your objectives to help you achieve your goals together.


  • BA (HONS) Physical Education and Pedagogy

  • Level 3 Personal Training (Active IQ Level 3)

  • Studio Cycling (Spinning)

  • Circuit Training

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Gym Based Boxing

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